Who We Are.

Our team has worked alongside professionals in the wedding industry for the better part of a decade.

Honestly, a lot of that time consisted of how a partner can protect themselves with things like insurance products. We came together and formed Nuptial because we knew that wasn’t the path to an honest solution for the industry. Throwing products at a problem really only solves a problem that you HOPE you don’t have; it doesn’t solve the challenges that you unknowingly create.

In our experience, we’ve found two things to be true:

  1. New venues are desperate to find confidence that what they’re doing is proper without being burdensome.
  2. Existing venues are in a state of constant evolution so that they remain a fixture in the space and an attraction to clients and guests alike.

Both of these create friction and unease in a risk program. Improper foundations or constant motion and endless moving parts lend themselves to a lack of continuity and administrative complexity. That disjointed approach to what should be a holistic endeavor is at the heart of why we knew there was a better way.

We give our partners the confidence that, no matter their current or future plans, we’ve created a program that will grow and evolve with them, holding their hand along the way.

Having a like-minded person in the room is fun. Work is a lot more like helping a friend and a lot less like work. We enjoy what we do because our partners care about their client's experience as much as we do about ours.

Justin Sutton

Managing Principal
Risk Services

Justin Sutton bouncing a ping-pong ball.

Husband. Dad.
Tech Guru.
Amateur Sasquatch Hunter.

“Adversity builds character and overcoming challenges are what makes one’s work meaningful…

…plus, who wants to come to work everyday and do something easy?”

Despite occasional reports, you don’t find sasquatches in your backyard. It takes years of careful planning, countless hours in the bush, and pouring over wood knock recordings and eye-witness sightings to really key-in your “squatch senses”. If finding bigfoot were easy, everyone would do it and we’d all agree. You don’t grow when things are easy and you don’t find sasquatch when you spend every day looking in your neighborhood.

Bigfoot aside, Justin founded Nuptial to be a bridge between venue owners, vendors, attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, and other professionals. It wasn’t possible, or even practical, to get all of those people in the room together and discuss an owner’s goals.

There he found the challenge. If there were a group of people who knew, at a high level, how to discern what a venue needed and how to walk an owner through the questions to ask of all of the people above, the right answers would fall in line as they should.

When you boil it all down to its simplest parts, you solve problems like these by asking great questions and working with great people. We know they’re great people because they care just as much about their clients and how to make their day perfect, as we do about ours.


“My girls!” (When talking about his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters)

“Roads?! Where we’re going we don’t need… roads.”

“If it isn’t done right, it isn’t worth doing at all.”

“Pie is the only kind of cake.”

What he says…

“We can’t dictate the outcome when adversity strikes your business, but we can dictate the terms of the outcome. I don’t think there’s been a time in our history where this is more true or important to business. If you take a look at the investment every company is putting into administration, compliance, and self-evaluation, that’s the first place it brings you back to.”

“I’m a servant-minded person. I think that’s what helps me understand and identify with my partners. They are almost all servant-minded as well, so it’s generally always a good fit. They can see what we do is unique and early on that we’re really here just to help, so it makes every conversation so much better.”

Jessamie Vincent

Partner Engagement

Jessamie Vincent

Wife. Mom.

Design Maven.

Amateur Fixer Upper.

“Big risk, produces big rewards...

…but take them on, one bite at a time.”

Trying your hand at fixing up an old house is a lot like everyday life. You get out of it what you put in it; the work, the effort, the materials. Regardless of the wrong paint color here or there, the hard work usually pays off.

Jessamie came aboard to help our team seek out new and exciting people and places. She had experience as a venue assistant in a past life and understands the hustle and bustle and what it really takes to stand out in the space.

While finding these new locales, Jessamie also spends her time with the design and speciality aspects of the business. Treating customers like friends has always been her motto, so she keeps this in mind when she’s expertly crafting new things and ideas for our partners. She's never met a gift box she didn't like.

What she says…

The big picture for Jessamie is you get what you give, and to treat others the way you want to be treated. She can also be heard saying these things to her three kids, but they ring true in her life every day.