We Ask Really

Awesome Questions

Working through challenges & solving difficult problems are everyday occurrences in the wedding industry.

Concerns of administration, risk management, and compliance are ever present when such a complex interplay of vendors, bridal parties, employees, and contracts is necessitated.

We found that throwing a product at these challenges totally underserves the need and is most often the easiest thing to do. What isn’t easy is taking stock of the situation, understanding the relationships on-site, and developing a thoughtful approach to work toward resolution.

When you’re a tinkerer, there’s always a way to build a better mousetrap—a better way to serve the ultimate needs of your partners—and that’s where our interest lies.

purposeful conversations

Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand. The vast majority listen with the intent to reply. But we aren’t most people. We use an in-depth conversational and explorative approach with the intention of understanding our partner's goals and working alongside them, their attorney, accountant, vendors, clients, and insurance professionals to develop a risk program which gives them the freedom to operate their business confidently.

All of our partners have great professional relationships with people in these areas; if they didn’t they wouldn’t be running a successful business. They also mostly all have good contracts, administrative practices, internal structure, and people in place to make them successful. But great is in the margins, and that’s where we operate. You don’t get to those margins, however, without taking time to really listen.

a structured approach

We work with people in the same industry because they all deal with a similar problem. However, the solutions to that problem are always different. In general, venue owners learn the business through the “school of hard knocks”. That is to say, it’s a learning experience every day and a continual growth over time. This lends itself to tackling challenges as they arise and repeating that process over and over.

This isn’t a bad approach, but it’s less efficient and often compromises time, effort, and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. Because of this, we’re keenly aware of the advantage of bringing an experienced, structured approach to address both the challenges you face now, and the challenges that you’ve yet to realize.

This approach starts from the bottom, with the nuts and bolts of what you do. Then we determine how relationships, both internal and external, should be founded. When you’re entering and exiting these relationships tens or even hundreds of times a year, it is, without question, fundamentally important to get right every time.

Administration and Compliance

After thoughtful conversations and developing proper structure within the business, we need to make sure it can be administered seamlessly each time and build in a compliance piece that ensures we close the loop on every potential concern. This is where it gets boring, but this is the “checks and balances” that are essential when ensuring that what we do for our partners works.

Going back to our foundation, we ask AWESOME questions. We do this so that you can ask even more awesome questions, because the most awesome of awesome questions predicates the most awesome answers, otherwise there can be no relationship.

When you know those questions, who to ask them to, and what the answer should be, your venue starts to work like a regular business. The web that was once weaved around you by everyone in your space becomes un-weaved.

This is why compliance, on top of administration, on top of proper structure is pivotal. Without just one, the perfect cocktail turns sour.