It's a tangled web

we (un)weave.

That's what we're here to do…

Meadows at Mossy Creek is a gorgeous venue, set in the mountains of northeast Georgia.

They didn’t have a lot of experience owning and managing a venue, but they had a vision of what they wanted the venue to be and how they could make wedding days magical.

But they weren’t sure how to manage risk, which came with organizing their business properly, what should be in which contracts, what to require from vendors, or how to make certain that axe throwing, serving alcohol, and having guests stay on-site could all work together. Meadows goal was to create a program that managed risk, gave them confidence their business was out of harm’s way, and added flexibility so that, as their client’s needs evolved, their business could too.

Setting the Standard.

Keeping a property fresh and inviting in the wedding industry is a key to success. A venue that stays top-of-mind and delivers a best-in-class experience stands the test of time with it’s guests. Meadows isn’t focused on doing more weddings, they want to create a day that’s special and unique and gives each couple what they dream for.

But that requires a lot of moving parts to work flawlessly together. When things don’t, it creates friction and that often leads to compromising in areas that shouldn’t be so that a guest can have the wedding they dream of. Often that’s to the detriment of the venue and where we find ample opportunity to help.


Finding a Partner

When we first met with the team at Meadows, we had to understand not only the couple they were looking to serve, but where they wanted to be in 5 years. When you’re looking for a partner, it’s important that you’re compatible long term. This goes back to listening and asking awesome questions. Making sure our team and our partner's team is “in it for the long haul” is at the core of what we do. We have partners, not clients. When you have a partner, you’re vested in their success, but you also share in their challenges.


I Do (We Do)

Once you have a partner, it’s time for the details. Asking Meadows serious questions about their business goals and what they’d need to do to get there, where they were willing to compromise and where our team couldn’t allow for compromise are tough conversations. You can’t make it to the end without having those conversations, though. When designing a risk program and tailoring it to a specific partner’s needs, without honest dialogue (and some corny jokes), it’s impossible to develop a strategy that can evolve with the venue as its business changes. Time to plan for the journey.


Ever After

Meadows at Mossy Creek’s story is being written each day, every day. Coincidentally, our work isn’t bad infomercial and a “Set it and forget it” proposition. It’s a constant flow of calls, emails, site visits for the new guest cabins, LLC creation, waiver language, and lease review and revision for the groom’s skeet range, and helping to make sure the relationship the venue has with the pyrotechnics crew meets the sniff test from a legal standpoint. We continue to learn from our friends at Meadows every day. We help to build them up and give them the confidence that, no matter what they need to do, there’s a plan in place which gives them the flexibility to stay fresh in the ever changing environment that is the wedding industry.

Are we the right fit for you?

We bring a lot to the table, but we know you have a lot to lose.

Before you swipe right, you want to make sure this is a conversation you want to start. Totally understand. We’re sure you work with a lot of other great people – all of our partners do – but we wanted to create a little quiz to help you see if we’re a good fit. We’re not trying to propose without the customary mini golf, long walks on the beach, and candlelit dinners. You might be afraid of candles and allergic to sand. We get it.